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Design-build streamlines project delivery with the use of a single contract between the owner and the design-build team. This simple but fundamental difference saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance, which fosters collaboration and teamwork.

NGC's design-build services create an easier path of communication between the owner and the design-build team with a single contract. This means that our team will have sole responsibility for the entire project, which can allow for more efficient construction. Design-build contracts save both money and time by creating a closer alliance between the designers and builders, allowing for increased teamwork and better results.


With a design-build contract, there isn’t as much work involved for you as the owner because you won’t have to meet with several architects, contractors, and other representatives to work through different aspects the construction process. Instead, you only need to contact NGC and our talented team of design and construction specialists with any questions or concerns.


When hiring NGC for a design-build construction project, you’ll rest easy knowing that the entire job is going to go smoothly under the guidance of our professional staff. With fewer hoops to jump through, we can focus on getting your commercial construction project completed with efficiency and quality.

Also, since we are solely responsible for both the design and construction of your building, you know who to contact when you need information. You can expect open communication from our team during the entire process of building the product you’ve hired us to provide.


When you bring us on in a design-build role, you’ll be working with a group of commercial construction professionals that will take care of every aspect of designing and constructing any commercial project. Plus, since we’ll be in charge of the entire project, we’ll be able to assemble the best team possible for getting the job done. With clear lines of communication, it’s easy to voice any questions or concerns throughout the building process. A design-build contract with NGC is a convenient way to ensure your construction project is efficiently completed to your standards.


Don't just take our word for it...

We have built our business on client-driven satisfaction. We believe in doing with, instead of doing for. For us, it is not just about delivering service but building partnerships with our clients to positively impact our communities for years to come.

  • Wendy Birdsall, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

    NGC not only builds the highest quality of buildings but does so with great integrity.

  • Adam Criswell, Speedway Properties

    From the day they started the project to the day they finished, NGC personnel were professional, ethical, schedule driven and totally focused on our satisfaction. They are truly committed to constructing the finest possible building and they accept nothing short of this from their sub-contractors. Every concern we had was addressed quickly and thoroughly.

  • Patrick Phelan, DLR Group

    NGC's qualified team provided pre-planning with the ownership and DLR Group prior to construction as well as regular meetings and communication with the design team and subcontractors throughout the project. Their coordination efforts helped resolve the common day-to-day challenges of a commercial project of this character by utilizing technology and sound judgement.

  • Steven Hopper, Shamrock Development

    Their true open book approach to costs, information, and prudent reviews with the design team not only helped keep the project in line with budget and vision, but it also allowed construction to begin four months earlier than traditional methods. Their team provided a seamless transition from preconstruction into the actual construction phase.

  • Steve Schmidt, Frontier Bank

    What a pleasure it was to work with NGC! The crew was absolutely great and I truly appreciate their attention to timelines. The weekly reports via email were beneficial and informative as well.

  • Cara Mouw, University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Kudos to the NGC crew. The guys were so nice and easy to work with. We are very pleased with the work and progress so far.

  • Patrick Falke, Project Harmony

    Our project turned out exactly how it was promised, ahead of schedule and it looks amazing. Our staff was pleased with the cleanliness and helpful nature of your construction crew.

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