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New Generation Construction Group is proud to have worked with several Lincoln and Omaha area restaurants. NGC Group is responsible for the recent remodel of the Amigos in Papillion and we were also behind several new Haymarket restaurants including Rodizio Grill, Twin Peaks, and Flatwater Bistro.

Building the Brand Identity

When working on new construction or renovation of a restaurant, it’s important to uphold the franchise or brand standards throughout the process. Restaurants rely on their carefully defined brand identities, and franchise locations are often built around specific guidelines for aesthetics and construction standards.

We work closely with owners to look for alternates in value engineering that maintain the brand identity and integrity of design while still saving money. For example, when it comes to renovations, we can develop plans to utilize as much of the existing building as possible.

Time is Money

Restaurants are very deadline oriented and the grand opening can be a huge opportunity. In Lincoln, it’s important for many restaurants to open before football season in order to take advantage of the large crowds, and likewise for Omaha, restaurants often want to open in time for summer baseball. In instances like these, missing the deadline can cost a lot of money. That’s why NGC Group works hard to meet the established deadlines for all of our clients.

When working toward a deadline, setting up proper delivery dates is critical. We take the time to plan out the entire building process and schedule delivery dates that will keep the project moving in a timely manner.

Commercial kitchens are often a big undertaking because you have to integrate kitchen equipment—like hoods, exhaust, and grease ducts—with the building so it all works together cohesively. We have plenty of experience with commercial kitchen design and construction and will be able to incorporate this equipment smoothly while staying on schedule.

Quick Response to Problems

When it comes to serving food in a restaurant for the first time, you want everything to go smoothly. If you ever encounter an issue with equipment malfunction, even if it’s the result of an operator’s error, give us a call and we’ll be there to fix it in a hurry. In the past, we responded to a client to fix a grease duct at 11 p.m., so you can rest assured, no matter what time of day, we’re here to help.

Full List of Restaurant Projects

  • Amigos Papillion
  • Rodizio's Restaurant
  • Valentino's Bellevue
  • Valentino's - LaVista
  • McKinney's Irish Pub
  • Twin Peaks
  • Flat Water Bistro
  • Valentino's Holdrege