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New Generation Construction Group has worked on a variety of multifamily buildings, including luxury apartments, affordable apartments, student housing, and downtown lofts. Our construction experience, along with our ability to complete build-outs on time and under budget, has given us the opportunity to work on several new projects in the downtown Lincoln area.

Separating Yourself from Your Competition

NGC Group can help you create a luxury housing environment that will stand out from your competitors. We achieve this by placing priority on design, distinctive features like specialty lighting, and high-quality materials like granite counters.

Maximizing Your Dollar

When it comes to building more affordable apartments, NGC Group can help you maximize the amount of units per acre in order to accommodate the most tenants possible. In these types of projects, we have the ability to utilize price-effective materials and techniques to save you money on construction costs. NGC Group has proven time and again that we can offer cost-effective materials and construction methods to get the job done and still produce a high-quality product.

NGC Group has also established a reputation of meeting, and even beating, deadlines on many of our projects. In order for you to get the most out of your new multifamily housing unit, we want to complete the project as soon as possible so you can start to profit from your investment.

Our Work

We are proud to have worked with leading companies in the Lincoln and Omaha area on multifamily housing developments. We’re responsible for the Cadillac Lofts in downtown Lincoln and we’re currently working on the Arena Lofts in the Haymarket and the Block 68 student housing.

As part of these projects we have gained experience working on rooftop patios, parking garages, and mixed-use properties. Our experience in apartment construction can help turn your next development into a strong competitor in the rental market in Lincoln or Omaha.

Full List of Multifamily Projects

  • Cadillac Lofts
  • The Maples Apartment
  • Arena Lofts
  • Rock Creek Ankeny
  • 50/50 Wrap building FFE
  • Block 68 Site Work
  • Block 68 CM