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New Generation Construction Group has extensive experience when it comes to constructing buildings that house complex mechanical and electrical systems. We understand how vital these construction projects are, so we focus on quality craftsmanship and getting the job done on schedule.

NGC Group has experience working with various mechanical and electrical systems, boiler replacement, thermal energy storage, and other unique utilities.

Buildings that Support Mechanical Systems

At NGC Group, we coordinate our efforts with multiple designers to ensure that the building will be efficient for the industrial equipment it’s meant to house. It’s important that everything is in proper order when the project is finished, so we work closely with our clients to design and build a structure that supports the utilities in every way.

We are also skilled at constructing new buildings around pre-existing equipment. If you’re looking to create better protection for your mechanical or electrical utilities, you can trust NGC Group to build a structurally sound enclosure that can support and protect your valuable utilities.

We Emphasize Proper Coordination

When working with high-powered utilities, we make certain that our industrial buildings have appropriate clearances and power requirements to safely operate the utilities inside. That’s why we implement a heavy dose of coordination between our clients and design team to ensure that construction will run smoothly and proper specifications are met.

With clear communication all the way from the design team to the end-user, we can guarantee that all utilities will be able to function properly once the construction phase is complete.

Our Work

NGC Group has constructed a variety of industrial buildings and we have experience with several types of utilities. Whether you need work done on large boilers, maintenance facilities, thermal energy storage, or any other utility that’s necessary to your business, you can trust NGC Group to deliver a high-quality building on time and under budget.

Full List of Industrial Projects

  • Geneva Youth Correctional Facility Boiler Replacement
  • UNL Thermal Energy Storage
  • Animal Holding Facility
  • BNSF Maintenance Facility Lincoln, NE
  • EC Utility Plant Cooling Tower--Removal
  • LPS Boiler House Demo
  • TO RV Repair Shop
  • LAA Midwest Roadside Safety
  • BNSF Air Test Building
  • Lincoln Airport Authority Building 96
  • Waterloo Fire Station