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Omaha and Lincoln are endowed with countless historic buildings, dating back to the 1800s. Many property owners want to preserve these buildings’ remarkable architectural elements, and rightfully so. While retaining these features is important, maintaining structural integrity and creating a space with modern amenities is equally important, no matter the use of these historic buildings.

NGC Group takes pride in offering the best of both worlds through our historical construction services. We’ve worked on buildings that surpass the century mark, and understand the importance of preserving important architectural details while adding modern functionality to the space.

Maintaining the Charm of Historic Buildings

The appearance of historic buildings can create a distinctive sense of tradition and beauty. We recognize the value of historical details and the overall legacy of these structures in the community. While we are often hired to modernize the interior of historic buildings and improve the structural integrity, we work to save the architectural features that make the space unique. Materials like original brick and wooden beams can have significant charm and visual appeal, which is why we are often tasked with keeping them intact and featuring them appropriately in the new design.

Our Work

We’ve completed historical renovations in the downtown Lincoln area, including buildings in the Haymarket district. The Cadillac Lofts on O Street and the Tool House redevelopment are outstanding examples of how we are able to upgrade historic buildings while maintaining the unique features that give them character.

We have managed complete historical remodels, as well as simple projects including electrical, HVAC, and restrooms renovations in historic buildings. Whatever the scope of the job, our focus is to efficiently maintain the existing architecture while renovating aging design and materials to provide a unique space that meets the modern demands of our clients.