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New Generation Construction Group offers a wealth of experience when it comes to healthcare construction. We’ve worked on several medical facilities located in Lincoln, Omaha, and Grand Island, including facilities with advanced medical equipment such as MRI machines.

Special Healthcare Requirements

Working on a healthcare facility is different than other types of builds. NGC Group is aware of this and we have a strong understanding of the unique requirements for medical construction. We follow all HIPAA guidelines for privacy and security and we will help you create an environment that can uphold those standards.

We also understand the need for a clean environment during renovations. We have worked on renovations or expansions while a medical practice was still operating, so we are experienced when it comes to quarantining our construction efforts and maintaining a clean job site.

Working with Advanced Equipment

NGC Group also has experience when it comes to working with complex medical systems. Medical equipment is an expensive investment, and we understand how exact installation has to be to ensure those assets are not damaged. Our experience building medical facilities gives us extensive knowledge of medical equipment and the proper methods for handling and installing it.

  • Timeliness Matters: Installing costly medical equipment like an MRI machine has to be done on time, with no exceptions. We fully understand that time is money in these situations, and deadlines must be met to allow for patients’ proper care and clinics’ scheduled operations.
  • Zero Mistakes: Minor mistakes when working on advanced medical installations create major costs. We know the liabilities, and take every measure to avoid even the smallest mistakes.


NGC Group has comprehensive experience installing magnetic resonance imaging technology. With MRI machines costing in the millions, mistakes are out of the question due to the potential cost of damage. With our experience on these complex installations, clients trust us to install these machines with care, and know that we’ll meet all the strenuous guidelines that MRI installs require.

Full List of Healthcare Projects

  • Aspen Dental - Grand Island
  • Aspen Dental - Lincoln
  • Professional Imaging MRI Facility
  • St. Francis MRI Upgrades
  • GI Imaging Treatment Room
  • Saunders Medical Center Reroof
  • Crawford MRI Upgrades
  • Center for Spine & Sport Rehab
  • AMI MRI Upgrade
  • Omaha Children's Clinic
  • Stonybrook Pharmacy
  • AMI Rad Room
  • AMI Fluoro Room
  • SMC Endoscopy Procedure Room
  • UNL MRI Cabinets
  • Advanced Medical Imaging--Dark Room