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NGC Group has completed educational construction projects for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, several local high schools, and other educational facilities. We’ve had these opportunities because we consistently deliver on the most important aspects of educational builds, including durability, the implementation of timeless design, and the effective execution of accessibility and security requirements.

Accessibility and Security

Public institutions require accessibility for all people, so it’s important to hire a general contractor that understands the importance of accessibility, and can deliver on those requirements.

NGC Group has also worked with a wide variety of security systems and can effectively install the security equipment that educational facilities demand. Whether it’s safeguarding against intruders or natural disasters, we have the experience to create a safe educational atmosphere.

Time Efficiency

Completing a building in time for the upcoming school year, or the season of use for athletic complexes, is always a major priority for our team. School districts plan on using new educational facilities by a certain date, and the building has to be ready, no exceptions. We have a track record of meeting deadlines, and are known for finding ways to get the job done ahead of expectations. This is a result of extensive scheduling and planning, quality management, and our ability to think outside of old-school educational construction techniques to find more efficient ways to complete projects.

Long Lifespan and Energy Efficient

Long-term durability is important when it comes to education centers, so the selection of materials and proper installation is crucial. NGC Group can offer sound advice based on years of experience as to which materials are the most reliable and will last the longest. We also use the most dependable, enduring installation techniques so our buildings will stand the test of time.

Energy efficiency has also become increasingly important, especially for large buildings like high schools and gymnasiums. NGC Group uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that our buildings will be energy efficient when in use. Geo thermal systems can assist with heating and cooling buildings, and they represent just one of the sustainable technologies we employ for our educational projects.

Our Work

We have worked on various buildings for The University of Nebraska–Lincoln and local high schools. NGC Group also recently worked on the Don D. Sherrill Education Center in Lincoln, which gave us experience in creating safe learning environments. Don Sherrill is a behavioral skills school, which required padded rooms for students to decompress and installed safety features like emergency call buttons throughout the facility. If you have specialty needs and requirements for your educational project, talk to NGC for a comprehensive plan for your facility.

Full List of Education Projects

  • Devaney Concrete
  • St. Michael Catholic School
  • Seward High School HVAC Renovation
  • Wilber-Claytonia High School
  • LPS Don D. Sherrill Education Center
  • St. Michael's Preschool Restrooms
  • LPS Southwest HS Statue Base
  • LPS Lakeview ADA Ramp
  • UNL Weather Stations
  • Waverly Skylight Replacement
  • UNL Entomology
  • Bessy Hall ADA upgrades