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New Generation Construction Group not only specializes in high-quality construction, but we also have valuable experience in a variety of deconstruction projects. Whether you need to get rid of an entire building safely and properly, or you require selective demolition, we will do the job the correct way, with safety and efficiency in mind.

Complete Demolition

When it comes to the demolition of a building, NGC Group has considerable experience in doing things the right way. We take the time to survey the entire building in order to determine the best way to deconstruct it safely, and then we get to work. We also make sure to leave a level and clean site once we’re done with the demolition so it’s easy to rebuild at the same location.

Selective Demolition

NGC Group also has experience completing selective demolition, whether it’s part of a building or just certain aspects of the interior. We can remove unwanted portions of a building without harming the areas of the structure you wish to preserve.

We’ve worked on a project removing three large boilers, as well as fuel tanks, through a 12’ by 12’ hole, which we closed up following removal. We pride ourselves on being minimally invasive when it comes to interior demolition, so you don’t have to rebuild or repair extensively afterwards.

Our Work

We have worked on several different types of demolition, and we are well-equipped to handle all kinds of requests in that regard. We have done complete demolition, selective and interior demolition, and have even done partial demolition that was immediately followed by renovations. We meet with you and carefully outline the parameters of the job to clearly understand the scope of the project. When you choose NGC Group for your deconstruction needs, you’ll get a professional organization that will meet your needs while staying within budget and on schedule.

Full List of Deconstruction Projects

  • Villager Hotel Demolition
  • Guitars & Cadillac's
  • UNL Press Building Demolition
  • Fraternity House and Multicultural Deconstruction
  • EC Utility Plant Cooling Tower--Removal
  • LPS Boiler House Demo
  • UNL Print and Storage Building Deconstruction
  • State Fair Park Bldg 59 & 60 Demo
  • UNL 15th & P Demo
  • UNL FSFP Demolition Phase 2
  • UNL Grandstand Demolition
  • Verizon 48th Street Decommission
  • Verizon 26th Street Decommission
  • GI Verizon Decommission
  • 70th & O Long John Silvers Bldg Demo