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New Generation Construction Group begins every job by sitting down with the client and listening to their needs. While each project is unique in its own way, some things never change—each job must be completed to the highest quality, within a set budget, and on time. Our commercial construction projects include three distinct phases:

NGC's construction process begins with pre-construction


High-quality commercial construction begins with proper preparation. Before we begin building we come up with a plan for scheduling, focus on value engineering, and evaluate site preparation.

Good scheduling ensures timely completion by eliminating problems due to production bottlenecks, late delivery of materials, and other common construction setbacks. We provide preliminary and detailed budgets and as the design detail increases, estimates are collected to keep the client informed of costs.

Value engineering means that we take the time to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs before we get started so we can offer the lowest total cost for the build and avoid spending money where it isn’t necessary.

Preliminary site layout and site investigation is crucial because every building needs a solid foundation.

Construction process


During the construction phase of a project, we put a heavy emphasis on complete contract administration. The focus of contract administration is to obtain the supplies and services outlined in the contract within a specific time frame and within budget. As such, contract administration serves as the primary part of the procurement process that assures that the contract is successfully executed.

Subcontractor coordination plays an important role in timely and efficient construction. We place reliable and trustworthy subcontractors on all of our projects. We require all subcontractors to submit prequalification forms in order to mitigate the risks associated with commercial construction.

Quality matters when it comes to new construction, so we exert complete quality control throughout the project. We utilize a systematic monitoring system while evaluating various aspects of the project to ensure that quality standards are attained during the construction process.

NGC's construction process with a post-construction review


Once the building is complete, the job isn’t necessarily over. At NGC Group, we take the time to do final inspections, allow a client inspection, and complete contract closeouts. During final inspections we obtain the occupancy permit to establish that the property meets certain safety and health standards.

The building not only needs to meet our standards but, more importantly, it needs to meet our client’s standards. All of our clients will be asked to inspect the project to guarantee the work is completed according to the contract agreement.

The last step in any of our commercial construction projects is to handle the contract closeouts. The closeout documents include proof that all equipment and maintenance demonstrations required by the contract have been successfully completed.

Our team believes one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a cost-effective project involves utilizing up-to-date, user-friendly software systems. NGC Group projects have grown to be more efficient due, in part, to our constant dedication to technological upgrades and an awareness of the changing technological landscape. This allows all project team members a central access point to review, track, and archive construction communications. We have the talent, the experience, and the resources to guarantee that your commercial construction process is a success.